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Литография, engraved by Gabriel, Paris
1818 год
45 000
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Пьер Антуа́н Пуато́ (1766—1854) — французский ботаник, известный ботанический художник. Совместно с Антуаном Риссо (1777 – 1845) французским натуралистом, написал "Естественную историю апельсиновых деревьев". Естественная история апельсиновых деревьев « l'Histoire Naturelle des Oranger» (1818–1820) одно из основных произведений 19 века на юге Европы, и в частности, в Ницце. Труд состоит из пяти томов с двумя геологическими картами.

Published in Paris, from 1818 to 1822, the Natural History of Orange trees written by Antoine Risso, self-taught botanist, dreaded pupil, gardener at the chateau of Versailles, and richly illustrated by Antoine Poiteau, pharmacist and botanist, constitutes a major work among old treatises devoted to fruit species and pomology. Trees blessed by the gods, favorites of the monarchs and charged with the mythical dimension of the golden apples from the garden of the Hesperides, the orange trees enjoyed unequaled prestige. For them, the caliphs and kings mobilized the most talented agronomists, botanists, arcitects, landscapers and naturalist painters.

Happy initiative, the third edition of "The Natural History of the Orange trees" was reissued, in two luxurious volumes. The first volume reproduces the original book identically, in 500 pages including 110 full-page color illustrations by Antoine Poiteau. The second presents the historical, scientific and artistic context of the work, the genetic heritage described by Risso and Poiteau, the evolution of the selection programs undertaken on citrus fruits, the panorama of two centuries of citrus growing and plane pathologies. , with the help of researchers from CIRAD, INRA and the University of Bordeaux 2.